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Default init: can't exec getty after power failure

Hello community,

I have FreeBSD 7.0-p5 installed on 2 USB drives mirroring with gmirror. I use
the following partition scheme:
/ - on USB
/var, /usr, /tmp, /home - on internal HDD using ZFS.

Last night after a power failure the system failed to boot with the following error:
... can't find /boot/loader.4th. Entered BIOS and changed the first boot drive to be
the second USB from raid. The system boots but it stops here:

Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mirror/gm0s1a
Loading configuration file
/libexec/ /lib/ object is not dynamically linked
init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec' getty for port /dev/ttyv7: No such file or directory
ttyv[n] in fact where 'n' takes values from 0 - 7.

Booted into single user mode, fsck-ed the root partition and tried to mount all the UFS
partitions (/var, /usr) from the USB drive but the mount command fails with the
/libexec/ /lib/ object is not dynamically linked

Is there anything i can do next besides re-installation?

thank you very much and a great day,
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