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Grub will be able to boot both OS's. You will however need to use vista's boot and chainload into freebsd.

As I mentioned earlier, Vista doesnt like it if you remove its control over the entire drive. (more reading since my last post has confirmed this)

Is it normal for FreeBSD to take 75 seconds with code scrolling down the screen each time it boots?


Is is normal for it not to actually kill the power when you shut it down?


Why do I still have to choose option 2 to boot FreeBSD (disable ACPI)?

add this to /boot/device.hints.


When I choose option 1 (default) it continues to reboot (same as when I tried to install it via option 1).

your machine probably doesnt support or has a broken acpi implementation.

I'm impressed by GAG, although it didn't actually fix the Vista problem. Are there any limitations on what you can do with GAG? Are there any pitfalls that can cause you grief if you try to use to automate the booting of 9 OS's on two SATA drives and 1 IDE drive that were originally installed with only one drive connected at a time?

Ive never used GAG, so I cant comment.

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