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Default NFS and FreeBSD 6.2r strange problem ..

Hi .. I am trying to configure my freebsd nfs server to share some folders with my local network area .. actually, I have alredy configured it, I am sharing the folders on my local network area, and everything seems work well except when I try to exports /usr and subdirectories, I got a strange message when I try to mount /usr ( maybe is just my inexperience fault )

Jul 10 16:53:14 Ultra5 mountd[448]: can't change attributes for /usr
Jul 10 16:53:14 Ultra5 mountd[448]: bad exports list line /usr -alldirs  -maproot
Jul 10 16:53:27 Ultra5 mountd[449]: mount request denied from for /usr
and I can see this message from the macosx client when I try to mount this directory

macbook-di-pietro:Desktop pietro$ mount -v /Users/Pietro/Desktop/usr_nfs
mount_nfs: bad MNT RPC: RPC: Can't decode result\n
This is my /etc/exports in my freebsd NFS Server

# $FreeBSD NFS sun server
/usr/home/ftpbsd  -maproot=root macosx
/mnt  -maproot=root macosx
/usr -alldirs  -maproot=0 macosx  
/usr/home/rackbsd -maproot=bin: -network -mask
and /etc/rc.conf

I dunno what to do .. I followed the FreeBSD NFS handbook and I read the exports manpage as well ..

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