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Default can't setup PKG_PATH after install of 5.5

I have never used a bsd family system before.
I am to the point of setting PKG_PATH in order to install all the other programs like a decent graphical browser.
Here is my PKG_PATH, feel free to correct qqbecause I could not see the errs myself :
But the console tell me this :
ksh:/root/profile[22]: ftp://ftp/ not found
ksh:/root/profile[22]: ftp://ftp/ : not found
despite having read the man pages, I can't get ksh redirect the error output and standard output on the same file. otherwise I would I post here the file.
essentialy pkg_add tell me that it can't found the first two adresses, but ignore the third. I'll post the file if you can give a command to past directly

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