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Hello and welcome to the forums.

It's not clear whether you're using FreeBSD or OpenBSD. It seems you're using OpenBSD (?) so you've posted in the wrong subforum.
Bear in mind they are two different systems with different implementations of Xorg.

Originally Posted by wmichaelb View Post
I successfully installed OpenBSD 5.1, and got the 1980's style login page, so I assume that X is working. I installed the requisite set of packages for xfce (I think!). But when I go into xterm and type

I don't know if you mean a) X is already running with twm or b) you have a text-based login; you shouldn't run startxfce4 while X is already running.
With no X running, run echo "/usr/local/bin/startxfce4" > ~/.xinitrc and then run xinit.

Originally Posted by wmichaelb View Post
I'm given that desktop with xterm in the middle of it. If I close xterm, I also close xfce...
Any application (including Xfce) will behave like that. In order to run applications separately from a virtual terminal you have to detach them first using the ampersand symbol, e.g.:
% vim testfile.txt &
And then you can close the terminal.

Originally Posted by wmichaelb View Post
If I ctrl-alt-f1 to get tty and no xterm, and log in that way, typing startxfce4 gives me an error:

/usr/local/bin/startxfce4: starting X server

Fatal server error: server is already active for display 0.
If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock
X is still running (e.g. on TTYV8 under FreeBSD by default). Either press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to shutdown X (if your X setup allows it) or press Ctrl-Alt-F1 followed by Ctrl+C.
The X server will shutdown cleanly and you'll be able to run it again properly.

Originally Posted by wmichaelb View Post
If I try X -configure as root from tty
You already said Xorg was running fine, so you're probably wasting your time with that command.

Originally Posted by wmichaelb View Post
I'd like to use a login screen to start up xfce4 automagically when I give it a username and password.
Here's the FreeBSD documentation for the XDM.
May the source be with you!
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