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I'll try to stay in line with the FireFox orientated origin of this tread and also talk about webkit usage

I know many folks don't like webkit. Oko mentioned Konqueror. But, Khtml was the origin of webkit. I think KDE is actually adopting webkit in the form of kwebkit (Rekonq). I'm not sure on the development history there.

I use Surf all the time. It is my preference. I have my bookmarks in form of a local file loaded as my homepage.

I wish I could use webkit or gecko without gtk, even though the footprint in Surf and Xombrero isn't bad. It still seems hefty when considering that slight decrease in memory usage compared to Firefox.

So maybe a solution to all of this is a synced fork of gecko, like Icecat's, ran inside of something like Surf, Xombrero or Conkeror.
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