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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Why would you need to be connected to the Internet during the boot process?
That's what I thought too, till a friend of mine who knows a million times more about computer than I, read page 25 (FreeBSD Unleashed) "A floppy intallation involves downloading several hundred megabytes..." - a remark that the author could've made less confusing
From the looks of things, it's failing even before the kernel is loaded.
It is.
1) You incorrectly created the floppy images, or they are corrupt.
Certainly not. I remember your name from the thread on this subject in the former forum; I guess you didn't follow up the thread, or you probably wouldn't say that.
I made every effort to understand the explanations about ftp, md5checksum and all that unknown (to me) stuff; did the research on the web and executed it correctly, I'm quite confident about that.
2) The floppy disk or drive you're using is damaged.
Floppies were brandnew and re-formatted - the drive tested with other floppies.
There are other options for booting BSD on a system, if either via CD-ROM or PXE(netboot), it's still possible.
My friend, though he's no UNIX-expert, told me to dump the Compaq, so I gave it up and will try to get hold of another old machine to experiment with. (PXE netboot? ok, some more googleing to do )
Personally, in my opinion, with all due respect, PEBKAC is a prime candidate for this error.
That's a nicer remark than the one you made in the other forum, thank you. You might be very much correct, but I'm glad you see that I don't give up easily, despite being computer-technically challenged (and never too old to learn )
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