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Originally Posted by robbak View Post
Seems like you are getting enough advice, so I'll bow to those more experienced than I.

The reason I add 'build' to the 'make deinstall reinstall' is that adding the build target means that the port gets actually made before the old port is removed. 'make deinstall reinstall' will uninstall the port, then build it and reinstall it - the program is unavailable during the (possibly lengthy) build. 'make build deinstall reinstall' rebuilds the port before removing it: the package is missing for the least available time. (Technically, the 'install' or 'reinstall' targets always include the 'build' target, like the 'build' target will always call the 'fetch', 'checksum', 'extract', 'patch' and any other target that is needed. If a target has been done, then calling it again does nothing.)

This is only rarely important, so it doesn't matter much.
Sounds like good advice; if the port won't rebuild for whatever reason, then it's best not to deinstall it, at least until you figure out why?

The last point I'll make is the importance of running 'make clean' (Often I'll use 'make clean build deinstall reinstall'). This ensures that you do not simply reinstall an already broken build!
So, considering the mess I'm in right now, would it probably be a good idea to go ahead and clean all these:

[root@wampus: /usr/ports/]# echo /usr/ports/*/*/work
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