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Originally Posted by Amithapr View Post
1) Will the re-installation stops my IPSEC VPN connection since the remote office OpenBSD firewall has a different OS version (Beyond my control)?

2) What are the files that I should copy from my old firewall to the new firewall? ( pf.conf, sysctl.conf the entire ISAKMPD folder etc. )

3) Do I have to run any commands to activate the IPSEC VPN in the new firewall after I copy the content from the current live Firewall?
Amithapr, if you want to discuss these questions, please start new threads for each question.

We attempt to limit threads to a single topic on this site because:
  • Readers will be at all levels of comprehension. To aid understanding, staying on a single topic helps everyone.
  • English is not the first language of all readers, so keeping discussion linear helps everyone.
We support discussion, but with a little bit of organization and discipline, more people will learn from the discussion, and be less frustrated in the process.

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