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Good to know that I should not expect any problems at the hardware side!

Concerning the partitioning, if I have an MBR and then create an OpenBSD partition in it, I understand that I can only assign 2 TB to it. But then I create a disklabel on it and I can assign the whole 4 TB?! I don't think that I understand it.
Also, GPT is new for me: I understand it is like MBR but it can do more (no limitations like 4 primary partitions, or 2 TB). Is that right?

Then the filesystems, what should I use if I want to read it under both OpenBSD and Linux? At least the first 2 TB? Something like this maybe:

* 1 GPT partition of 1.5 TB with a VFAT filesystem;
* 1 GPT disklabel partition of 2.5 TB with an FFS partition.

Then the first one can be fully used by any operating system.
The second could maybe only easily be used in BSDs.

The VFAT may fragment, and has neither journaling nor softdeps which may be suboptimal for data integrity. But if I take ext3, I only have journaling in Linux but not in OpenBSD where it is used as ext2.

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