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My preferences top to bottom

+Simple, Stable
+Good base to learn from
-None core security updates are no longer available until the next release
-/+Runs a little slower but in exchange for security (encrypted swap by default)
+Good base to learn from

+It just works
+Maintainer releases security updates promptly and for everything on the install disk
-One Man show
+Good base to learn from
+"Learn Slack and you learn unix"
-Documentation, howtos diffusely scattered over the internet

+Bleeding Edge yet still seems to work
-If you want to see how buggy KMS and the latest ATI driver are run Arch
+Amazing binary package manager

+Latest Release works amazingly well out of the gate
-Very complex - look at the code for the new grub2 bootloader
-IMHO not a good way to learn the basics, tough to trouble shoot
-You learn the Debian way

+Seems to run faster than anything else. Consider strongly for a server

-Plagiarst's out to make a buck

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