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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
amazed at how complex and over-engineered it is, so many dependencies and services.
That's my reason for using BSD. I don't particularly care whether it is FreeBSD, NetBSD, or OpenBSD, though I tend to run OpenBSD because administration is so simple (and easy, given the exceptional documentation). I tend to be of the mentality that secure and slow beats insecure and fast, though honestly the only use that I've found OpenBSD to be very much slower at is extremely high performance PostgreSQL (more lack of time for testing than actual "it's not fast enough")...and FreeBSD fails in that regard for much the same reason (I'm too busy at work to really sit down and test it thoroughly).

I can't stand having to install GTK just to configure my network card via dhcp. To me, that's idiotic and overly "noob-friendly". When it's gone that far, it starts taking away from what CLI junkies consider true and pure "administration".
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