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>Hi fstef, and welcome.

Thank you…

>You should first edit your dmesg here, and tell us your architecure (i386 or amd64, I >guess, but...).

Right now I've installed 5.4-release again so I don't have the output of the snapshot dmesg.
I run OpenBSD on a Yeeloong machine.

>Well, since you're a beginner with OpenBSD, I should highly recommend you to learn >from a stable release.

At the first time I've installed a stable release, but I need to input chinese characters and the scim package in the mips64el release repository won't work. A member from a chinese OpenBSD forum suggest me to install snapshot.

>It is imperative that the installed system & the ports tree be synchronized, however, >snapshots are created from the head of CVS which is where development takes place. >You may want to review Section 5.1 of the FAQ to understand the difference between >OpenBSD's flavors.

What I understood about snapshot is: "Every few days, the OpenBSD team upload a release from the latest -current code to the mirror server. This an interim release called snapshot, which is identified only by the date of its release. A snapshot is simply the state of -current at a particular time."《Michael W. Lucas》

>The packages made available to snapshots will usually lag behind the base system >because it can take days to build (even when only a subset are built...) packages as >opposed to hours for the base system. The problem you have experienced is that the >core libraries expected by the packages you attempted to install required a different >version than what was actually found.

So, if I install the 2013/11/18 snapshot from a mirror and at the same time I need to install a package from the same snapshot repository I have high probability I can't due the bad major… It's correct?

>Since you are new to OpenBSD, my question to you is:
>Is there a specific reason why you are using snapshots?
>Will using -release or -stable fulfill your needs? Using snapshots (-current) means that >there will be occasional mismatches that users will have to deal with on their own.

As I wrote above, the mips64el scim package from the 5.4.-release doesn't work, at last in my yeeloong, so I tried to install snapshot.
In another laptop, in a virtual box I've installed amd64 5.4-release (virtual box don't support mipsel) to try to reproduce the problem but the scim input method work like a charm. BTW: the .xinitrc is the same.

I have posted this problem in the forum and following the jggimi suggestion I have reported the problem to the port maintainer. I are waiting to be answered.

For my need, follow the release, add the patch is enough, for now. I like OpenBSD OS, the project and the philosophy, I try to only use OpneBSD, do my "homework" but I absolutely need to input chinese characters and I need to find a solution.

Thank you all for everything