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Originally Posted by fstef View Post
@ocicat Thank you (and thank to everyone try to help me) for your explanation, now is clear.
I've a lot to learn about OpenBSD, so for now I follow the -release and try to find a solution for my problem… maybe is time to change my hardware.
Uhm, fstef, why change your loongson hardware if 5.4 -release works on it? I think I am missing the point of doing this.

Using -release has the advantage of being in sync with the release packages, and using the pkg_* utilities is one of the fantastic aspects of OpenBSD in my experience. They just work. That said, building utilities manually from ports is not a brutal experience for the most part; FAQ 15.3.1-11 clearly lays out the basic set up. It's handy if you want a specific flavor or if you do choose to use snapshots.