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>The other machine was what architecture, & why was Virtual Box being used?

The other machine is a MacBook Pro of a friend, so x86 architecture, and I can't install OpenBSD (my friend is not happy…)

>What version & flavor of OpenBSD was used?
I've installed OpenBSD 5.4-release amd64.

>Can you explain this further?

>x11/inputmethods/scim is a daemon that is not starting?

Yes and now. This is the first thread I opened in the forum, I think is well explained:

>How is it to start? Does this require the pkg_scripts variable be set in rc.conf.local(8)?
Yes, it require the dubs_daemon and the avahi_daemon, and I have in my rc.conf.local(8).

>Did this daemon start under Virtual Box?

The scim daemon in Virtual Box start and work like a charm.

The configuration and setting in the yeeloong and in the Virtual Box is the same, but wen X start in an xterm I can see the scim daemon process, in the yeeloong I don't have this process.