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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post

Thanks for the resources. I actually do know the basics of networking (CCNA), but they never taught us about what I am planning on doing. It was geared more toward basic connectivity and Cisco router configuration than something like a home network (though it was discussed in a chapter we never got to). I guess the thing I am most timorous about is that while the ISP (and therefore the outside world) will only see me as one host, I'll actually have a small network - and how do I implement that? I don't know if NAT will solve that problem entirely, or if there is a better solution. Hopefully in that documentation you provided, there will be a discussion on this.
Sorry to be blunt but the majority of CCNA students still know *nothing* about networking even though they get pretty good mark, especially when it comes to *nix environment.

If you are given one public IP, in your case, NAT (NAPT) is the only way for more than 1 PC talking to the outside world
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