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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
That would be good enough reason for me
not to use it even if I was running some other *BSD.
While I freely admit what Wireshark does with permissions seems to be a bit kooky, I suspect the OpenBSD project objects most to its free-wheeling development model. I also suspect that until the Wireshark boys fix this, Theo & the gang will not reconsider.

Nevertheless, Wireshark has one of the better GUI's for providing context quickly on multiple levels. While other packet sniffers can only approximate this perspective through carefully crafted filters, it takes time & experience to carefully construct useful filtering on the fly. Most new to packet sniffing obviously don't have this perspective & lose sight of the goal by seeing an endless stream of meaningless hexadecimal values. Wireshark's ability to add context is its greatest value.

Is there a risk in using it? Yeah, but so is getting into a car. I don't discount the OpenBSD project's stand, but this also isn't a production environment. People have to learn somewhere.
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