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Default Default route has changed

I had a little hiccup tonight and am not sure if I applied the right fix.

System, my firewall, was fine. I applied the most recent patches (005_ - 008_) without issue and rebooted. Everything came up OK but I couldn't get out to the internet. I could ping all the machine's interfaces, and the inside address of the router but there it stopped. Long story short; the default route had been, the outside IP address of the firewall. I'm under the impression this is set at boot by the content of /etc/mygate. The fix was to 'route flush' and set the route to, the inside address of the router. I have no idea why no longer worked as the default route. pf's rules had not been changed, and I have changed nothing on the router itself because I locked myself out a couple weeks ago with a fat finger and since it was working fine I haven't bothered to reset it. Assuming having the four new patches installed is just a cosmic coincidence. The reboot might be the culprit.

My question is, from a security standpoint, does it matter which interface is used as the default route as long as it routes? The router has firewall capability but I have disabled it as I like running my own firewall to see who is poking at my system and to make learning this stuff the real deal. The router is now pretty much just a modem between the copper and the CAT5. Is there a security issue involved with the routing as it is, to the router's inside interface rather than the firewall's outside interface?

Thanks much, hope this is clear.
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