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Yep, it's a good beast, I definitively appreciate it.
It's a real high-end PC, not a gamer high-end PC, but a professionnal high-end PC, designed to be robust and easily maintained, you can feel it.
A quick look inside shows no cables everywhere, or stuff like that, everything is compartmentalized.

Pros :
  • its silence,
  • its speed, my old (Quad+HDD) is no match for (dualXeon+SSD),
  • the FLEX system : a lot of parts can be removed/upgraded in a tool-less process, I think only the CPUs heat sinks need a screwdriver,
  • enough USB ports on a machine, 4 front, 8 back,
  • 8 HDD (or SSD) bays,
  • Surprise ! I've heard the workstation : installed VLC, opened a movie to test, but wasn't expecting to have sound. It has an internal speaker.

Cons :
  • Was delivered with Windows 10. Never used it. Was suspicious. Tried it. 2 hours later, boom, gone !
  • A cooling baffle is missing.
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