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Default clunky copy/paste in OpenBSD+LXQt

I'm on OpenBSD 6.4-stable with LXQt, having difficulty with copy/paste between GUI applications.

Copying text selection from application A (Ctrl+c) to application B (Ctrl+v) works fine if application A is still open when I go to paste in B.

By installing parcellite(1) I can now copy from application A to application B after closing application A, but in order for paste to work I need to first click on parcellite's system tray icon and select the most recent clipboard entry.

I would like to configure my system so that it does the "intuitive" thing: Whenever I press Ctrl+v in a GUI application, I want the most-recently-copied string to be pasted. Any ideas how to achieve this?

(BTW, the expected copy/paste behavior worked fine back when I was using OpenBSD+MATE, even though no clipboard manager was installed.)

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