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My guess is that GParted was used to shrink the Windows XP partition to free sufficient space for OpenBSD. Traffic on misc@ has indicated that using GParted has been problematic for several people. The general consensus is that using tools from several OS'es to carve up a disk is a bad idea. Stay with the tools designed for the OS used for everyone interprets/computes sector boundaries a little differently.

Do not recycle saved PBR files from one installation to another. Note that the purpose of the this file is to specify exactly where the kernel resides. Since there can some shifting from one installation to another, using old PBR files can send execution into the weeds. For more information, study Section 14.6 of the FAQ:

This will give you a discussion of causes for ERR M.

You probably haven't experienced any problems with Window XP yet because more than likely there isn't any applications or data saved at the partition boundary (nor is this desirable...). The possibility exists that this will never by a problem.

Many have claimed that Partition Magic has worked in resizing Windows partitions, but since you are beginning with a configuration which is questionable, I don't know if Partition Magic will fix the problem you are currently experiencing.

For the record, Vista has non-destructive partition resizing functionality. I have used it numerous times in a dual-boot configuration with OpenBSD, & I have never experienced any problems, however, I do not believe the same functionality is present in Windows XP.
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