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Many Linuces now kind of auto-mount drives/slices they discover. Feature or annoyance?
Thes slices are dynamically mounted as /media/disk, media/disk-1, media/disk-2, ...
These mount points are transient: contrary to mount points you define in the /etc/fstab (you needed to mkdir for), at another reboot those transient mount points will reflect the hardware as existing at that time.
My observation, I don't know the name of the mechanism.
Tip: label your slices.

FAT-32 large drives.
Not all fdisks are created equal , *BSD fdisk's can describe very large disks.
Some DOSes still have a 82/137 GB limit.

Terabytes external USB drives.
Usually are sold as Windows compatible. They even include backup software and other goodies. (and a driver !!!)
Repartitioning such drives is a bad idea.

Own made USB/eSATA externals.
As said, use a *BSD fdisk to be certain.
Or, since you use FAT-32, first partition and format the drive with your Windows OS and test it a while under Windows. Then only try it with other OSes.
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