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Originally Posted by fbsduser View Post
Dunno if it will be of much help, but maybe the FreeBSD documentation or manpages have an explanation of bind's syntax.
It is not like the Bind is a secret project. That is one of the most serious
open source projects ever undertaken. It has official web site and serious documentation

As usual a serious system administrator should start by reading the original RFCs which established DNS protocol.

At the request of Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System in 1983 and wrote the first implementation. The original specifications appear in RFC 882 and RFC 883. You should probably also look RFC 1034 and RFC 1035 which updated the original RFCs.

After that one should make an inform decision which particular implementation of DNS server wants to use (Based on many factors) and then after that dig into documentation for that particular peace of software which will be used.

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