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Default openbsd 4.5 macppc radeon drive still broken

I waited quite a while to upgrade because I feared I would have to go through all this again.
The problem is, as in previous threads, that once in X I cannot go back, I get a "input not supported" on the screen and have to turn off the power (yes, I have tried all the MacModel options).

I found out it works with the wdfb driver, but only at Depth 8, if I put in xorg.conf "DefaultDepth" 24, X will not start altogether.

From the wsfb manpage:
       wsfb  is  an  Xorg driver for OpenBSD and NetBSD wsdisplay
       framebuffer devices.  This is  a  non-accelerated  driver.
       The  following  framebuffer depths are supported: 1, 8, 16
       and 24, given that the wsdisplay  device  underneath  sup-
       ports them.
If if did not work does it mean they are not supported? Or is there a way to find out?
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