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Default OpenBSD qemu usb passthrough

I am stuck with one problem. Since 2008 the -usb support has been enabled in qemu, so I thought, I might access my non-bsd compatible scanner through a linux instance from qemu.

I tried:
-usb -usbdevice host:04a9:1734
(that is the correct vendor hostnumber - verified on 2 other systems)
but I get back this:
Warning: could not add USB device host:04a9:1734

after a lot of googling I read that qemu needs procfs to read where what is.
So I added:
/proc /proc procfs rw,linux 0 0
into fstab.

Now, procfs on my beloved OpenBSD does not generate usb devices list similar to the one linux or freebsd does, and I am afraid here is the problem.

Can anybody competent confirm my thought and help me find any workaround, even the dirtiest solution, like copying the whole procfs from another machine and handpicking there is welcome....

Thank everybody in advance!
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