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Default OpenBSD Installer / Install Script Basic Questions

Had a few questions about when I am installing:
  1. When I am installing I have 2 nics.

    If I configure em0 first, then configure em1, em1 will prompt for the etc/host "friendly name" not em0.

    If I configure em1 first, then configure em0, it prompts for the friendly hostname for em0 not em1.

    Now being that em0 will be my link to the cable modem and em1 will be my internal lan, wouldn't it make sense to have the friendly name be on the internal lan (em1) so they would be looking to that hostname?
  2. I have my external interface set as DHCP and being that this will be my firewall/router, I have my lan facing interface declared with ip values. When it asks for my "default route," would I just say dhcp since everything will be dhcp from the external nic, or should I make the default route the same ip as em1 (lan facing nic)? My guess is that since this embedded device will be the dhcp server as well, I should just say DHCP, however, if there was a router or other dhcp server inline between this device and the cable modem, I would declare that as my gateway/default route. Can I get some clarification on this?
  3. The DNS domain name. Does this matter? It's Not going to be a forward facing server, so i don't feel the need for a FQDN, nor am I hosting sites here. Would gobblygook or jibberish suffice or does it want a setup?
  4. When PXE booting, it will not pick up em1, it fails connection. However, em0 picks up pxeboot right away. If I exit out of the installer to the shell, I switch interfaces and then make sure em1 is now active then it works and can continue install from that interface. Is this a concern or sign of future failure or is it only looking on one interface during PXE install?
  5. The auto partitioning scheme is unacceptable to me so I am making a custom partition scheme with the correct allocation.

    I know that OpenBSD is smart enough to apply proper values and nosuid/etc to the fstab based on the auto layout it generates. My question is that if I am to 'Z' out and delete the whole partition table and create one from scratch, as long as I name the mount points correctly, {/, /var, /tmp, /usr, /usr/local, /usr/src, /var etc etc}, will it still intelligently construct these partitions with the proper settings even though I removed the auto allocation? My guess it goes off mount point declarations.

Thanks all! Feel free to inquire on any questions you may have.
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