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They are self-propelled. Here is a completely hypothetical example:
  1. Hanzer decides this partition limit is an annoyance, and that more than 4 bits should be used to define a partition.
  2. Hanzer digs into disklabel(5), and greps every chunk of the kernel and userland that use it, so that a solution can be devised that will work with the current disklabel and with new ones that use more bits.
  3. Hanzer develops a solution which appears to work.
  4. Hanzer posts his initial diff set to the tech@ mailing list.
  5. Hanzer receives several replies. Some things about the proposed solution are good, some things aren't acceptable as-is. The proposed solution is interesting, and a very good start, but cannot be implemented as designed.
  6. Hanzer posts new diffs, incorporating the advice received with the first failure.
  7. Hanzer receives several suggestions for improvement. Hanzer tries again. And again.
  8. Eventually, Hanzer's diffs are considered good enough for testing, and are tested by one or two developers. A problem is discovered, requiring a fix.
  9. Hanzer resolves the problem and resubmits. Several developers with large disks and a desire to have more partitions test his diffs. No new problems are found.
  10. Hanzer's diffs are committed!
  11. Beers are hoisted!
  12. Later, Hanzer finds something else about the OS that really annoys. Again.
  13. Hanzer posts new diffs to tech@.
  14. Wow! One of the diffs is OKed quickly, without change!
  15. Hanzer continues to post diffs to tech@. Some things are adopted, some aren't.
  16. Eventually, most everything that Hanzer suggests begins to get committed.
  17. Hanzer is adopted by the Project as its newest developer, and given the ability to review and OK others' diffs, and to commit his own when they are OKed by others.
  18. More beers are hoisted!
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