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I provided a possible solution in your pf rules thread. You did not continue the discussion there.

Unfortunately, without a better description of your subnets and topology, I don't have enough information to offer any new proposals..

From your post number 1 in this thread -- which is now no longer what you have -- it was possible that Client B had an incorrect netmask. But I was unsure, because you didn't provide enough information and I didn't want to post that without more information.

Your post number 3 also doesn't provide a clear picture of your topology. It's a repeat of what you'd posted in your authpf thread.

If you can't diagram your topology, then please:
  • List every local subnet you have defined. Provide a network address in CIDR format, such as 10.10.10/24 or 192.168/16.
  • List each router you have defined. List each subnet these are connected to. There will be at least two subnets. If a router you control is connected to an Internet subnet provided by an ISP, you can define it's Internet-facing network as just an "internet" subnet, you should keep your internet-facing address(es) private.
  • If you have two or more internet-facing subnets, number them internet-1, internet-2, so that we know they are different.

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