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Angry Freebsd on IBM Thinkpad X40 /w ultrabase

Hello World,

I would like to give you a feedback on using [Free/PC]-BSD on IBM Thinkpad x40 with ultrabase:

after having install PC-BSD 7.1 on my IBM Thinkpad X40 with success, I realized that if I plugged/unplugged the power when the laptop is alone (without its ultrabase) PC-BSD craches systematically whereas GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) does not. I have the same with FreeBSD 7.0.

Second point concerning PC-BSD on Thinkpad with ultrabase, when I used it withou the ultrabase, the system becomes weird (e.g., the starting up is two times longer, sometimes, it craches during the KDE splash screens, whereas it does'nt when ultrabase is plugged).
Seems that [PC/Free]BSD does not like the when the Ultrabase is absent. I tried with and without ACPI, I got the same.

In this manner, FreeBSD is no usable I thus go back to Linux ops:

Does anybody have any idea about that point?

Many thanks.
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