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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
BTW If you give the IP addresses manually, you also have to give them them default route and tell them which name servers to use.
Yes of course.

Ok. I've tested all what I can think of. The iphone mainly produces traffic to which is being blocked out on $EXT. (I guess it is routed correctly but blocked on the outgoing interface.) This seems to be some sort of Apple crap. However, requests to (port 80) and dns requests (port 53) are being passed out. Request from the client to port 1900 and 5353 are only seen on $WLAN and seem to be passing in the firewall on $WLAN but since there's no daemon or whatsoever listening on those ports the router sends icmp port not reachable packets back. Manually blocking these igmp packets (of which I still don't know what they are good for) does not make any difference.

So in the end. I'm still puzzled.
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