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Thanks for the lengthy reply. I'm not yet finished reading the articles but will continue soon.

In the meantime I played once again with the settings. The weird thing now is that the iphone disconnects every 10 seconds AGAIN. And I changed nothing overnight except for plugging off the adapter and enabled dhcpd for a short time.

Back to the original settings from yesterday, the iphone still disconnects every 10 seconds. Then I remembered that I did change one thing, but not on the router but on the iphone: I turned off notifications. Enabled notifications again, the iphone disconnects every 60 seconds...

Then I had a nice idea. I tried to ping the iphone from the router. What should I say. It works. But while the router is pinging the iphone it won't disconnect (tested it for 5 minutes). So I figured out as long as there is some kind of traffic or communication between the router and the iphone the iphone won't disconnect. Now that's strange. Maybe the adapter wants to change the frequency (or channel or what ever) every 10 seconds and the clients can't cope with that or are disoriented somehow?

netstat -s | grep route shows some discarded output packets due to no route but the value doesn't changed over the last hour, so I suspect the rule contains just an old counter.

Any other suggestions? Maybe it is possible to turn off channel hopping for the adapter or something similar?
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