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Originally Posted by guitarscn View Post
I need the script to do these things in order...
I would highly recommend you implement this as a shell script, & I would further suggest it be done as a Bourne shell script. Most shells (Korn, Z, Bash, etc.) at a bare minimum support Bourne shell conventions, so in many ways it is the least common denominator solution. Bourne shell scripts will minimal changes should run on most shells.
  • A reasonable introduction to Bourne shell programming is the following:

    Study it (or any other tutorials you might find) carefully.
  • Think of what standard commands can be used to accomplish each portion of the problem described.
  • Write it down & test. Confirm to yourself that the code does what you think it does.
  • When you get stuck, ask questions here, but help us understand what you have already done by describing the problem, describe what you think the solution might be, & describe what code you believe implements a working solution.

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