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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
Technical support for Solaris is much better than the weak support from RedHat.
Out of curiosity are you referring to actual current Oracle support or you are refering to your past experience with SunMicrosystems?

Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
Then look at the features which are available in each, and Solaris has features that have been there for a decade that RHEL doesn't have or may be trying to attain. Also look at the reliability and stability of Solaris and RHEL and Solaris is far ahead of RHEL, especially if one looks at SPARC vs x86.
Could you please point me to a web site where I can buy new SPARC hardware? I am in particularly keen on replacing my old Tadpole SPARC laptop with new shiny SPARC based laptop. I gave my old Tadpole to our cousins in Minnesota to use until their heater gets fixed.
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