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mmm.... solaris is a bit old for me, the only good repository that works with is blastwave but even blastwave has sometimes old programs .... and another problem for me is that you cannot install the system under a zfs partition. So if you need zfs to run linux applications you have to save space for a zfs partition at install time...

on the other hand SXCE is very nice, it can be installed in a zfs filesystem, has updated libraries and you can use SFE (spec-file-extra) to get a lot of other updated programs...
sxce has always been stable for me, but i do not run a server, so i do not know how much it can be stable under heavy stress, they say to use solaris in production environment.

my fear is that sxce will be replaced with opensolaris, it seems to me (i hope to be wrong) that sxce will be an os used only to compile ON sources for opensolaris, while the most of everyday packages will be compiled for opensolaris only and added to opensolaris IPS repositories. I do not know if they will ever use IPS under sxce.
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