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Originally Posted by roundkat View Post
I don't use FreeBSD .. yet ...
but I do love ZFS..
OpenBSD will never have it due to the NDA or something like that ...
Theo is very adamant about NDA's and the like.. (no holy war intended)

On the other hand.. FreeBSD is more flexible.. AFAIK...
ZFS root is workable on FreeBSD per this site..

ZFS support in OpenBSD has nothing to do with NDA's, CDDL licensed code is just unlikely to be accepted into base.

Besides some obvious licensing concerns, several developers have expressed being either uninterested by it or unmotivated to port it.. many users have whined about this on the mailing lists, but the response is quite simple and clear.

"I don't see any patches attached to your mail."

Honestly sounds fair, right?
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