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Hi Comet--Berkeley ! thanks for sharing .. I would blindly agree especially if historical interest entails historical intimacy with this or that machine .. answer to your question : yes as long as it can run NetBSD .. :-)

Hi Thirdm ! thank you for sharing with us ..
I've already tried plan9 on hackintosh kaliway (Osx5.2) on this very Acer Laptop .. I was using vmware fusion .. it run successfully as run Haiku ..
Usually .. in the world of alternative OS .. we notice the following main but not exhaustive trends :
* Oses with shiny GUI .. ususally windows users become infatuated with such like fedora/mandriva/ubuntu ..
*Oses which are source-based : namely gentoo/slackware/arch/... this is where most bsd users come from .. and feel more at home with when using ..
* Oses which are exotic but would add up to the UNIX lore and help experience something new : Plan9 , Haiku , Minix , dead Opendarwin? ..
* Oses which allow special guarranteed advantage be gained , for instance Debian with its big community & thousands of packages ..

*Oses which freezes history at some 'glorious moment' , one can't forget .. think Amiga , think MacOS9 ..

saying this while being totally convinced that OpenBSD offers the likes of me literally everything needed (or would-be needed) .. but again , humans like paradigm-shifts and like to experience the para-OS , the Pseudo-OS , the special-feature-OS .. sometimes for the sake of learning .. or from a pragmatic stance .. or just for the sole purpose of departing oneself from the common .. the standard .. at times ..

Thanks thirdm ! you push me to
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