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Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
I do not use NetBSD, but if you're getting such high pings, then perhaps choose a mirror closer to you?
The slow Internet occurs not only when I retrieve packages from the official netBSD repository, but also when I just browse Internet, pages are incredibly slow to load in 80-90% cases.

Originally Posted by fn8t View Post
Can you confirm this same problem separate of downloading packages?

Are you installing binary or from source?
Everything installed binary, basic installation with X + lynx, firefox, emacs, Gnome and that's all I think.

Originally Posted by fn8t View Post
Off topic, how have you managed to survive using Nvidia with NetBSD? That has got to be painfully slow also.
Graphic regime is working fine on this installation so far, but I'd need to testdrive it properly through playing videos, for which I'd need to install video players, for which I'd need fast Internet A good question though, I'll let you know as soon as I've worked out the net issues.
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