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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
I'm surprised the OpenBSD community [seemingly] has no interest in Ada.
Could you please explain it a bit?
Hmm, I suppose that you might have been asking about the lack of interest in Ada on OpenBSD. The general BSD/Ada situation was laid out nicely a few years ago on a FreeBSD mailing list:

Improving Ada support on FreeBSD and in the ports system (2009)
PROBLEM 1. Lack of packages (as shown above)
PROBLEM 2. No choice in the use of compiler
PROBLEM 3. Compiler version chaos and lack of architecture support
PROBLEM 4. Lack of a debugger
PROBLEM 5. Lack of a consistent policy for Ada packages
The author of that email went to work on the problems and has made tremendous progress in bringing a coherent set of Ada tools and libraries to FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and NetBSD.

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report (2013)
At this point, it looks like FreeBSD (shared with DragonFly via DPorts) has taken the crown from Debian as the recognized best Ada development platform. The FreeBSD versions of the software are more recent and the Ports Collection has ports not available on Debian, such as LibSparkCrypto, the Matreshka library, and the Ahven unit tester.
It looks like there are 54 FreeBSD ports related to his project.

I suspect he was going to do something similar for OpenBSD but it didn't happen somehow.

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