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My understanding is that this is not just a hardware/sound driver issue - an audio server is needed. From sndio(7) on OpenBSD:
The sndio audio and MIDI system provides access to audio and MIDI
     hardware and to services provided by sndiod(8), summarized below.

     Hardware audio(4) devices correspond to peripherals.  Only one
     application may use any device at a given time.  Generally a limited
     number of encodings, sample rates and channel numbers are supported by
     the hardware, which may not meet the requirements of audio programs.

     To overcome hardware limitations and to allow multiple applications to
     share the hardware, sndiod(8) can be used.  It exposes one or more
     software sub-devices backed by the underlying hardware, while doing all
     necessary conversions on the fly.  It can mix multiple streams or split
     the hardware into multiple sub-devices, to allow programs to use the
     hardware concurrently.
NetBSD offers multiple sound servers/sound processors including pulseaudio, gstreamer, esound and sndio.
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