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Default 6.5 -- > 6.6 CPU temperature

First: T420 with latest BIOS. I also have been logging CPU temperature for a while due to a RHEL system I had at work. For giggles I log the info on my home PC also.

I noticed when I went from 6.5 to 6.6 the average CPU temperature increased by a lot. I have been reading the misc mailing list and I think only 1 person reported this issue, but is remains a mystery for him.

Since then I have been googling and experimenting with various BOIS settings to no avail. This is from my logs as of today:

6.5 ave = 49C
6.6 ave = 56C (as of now, differs +/- 3)

So I ran across cpu(4) I noticed:

Due to the way in which thermal information is reported on Intel processors, the temperature may be off by exactly +/-15 degrees C.
Interesting. What I an wondering/asking, on a Lenovo T420:

1. Has anyone noticed higher CPU temperature since going to 6.6 ?
2. is there anyway to check if I am hitting that cpu(4) condition ?
3. If not, anything to look for in order to know for real if the T420 is overheating ?

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