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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
I recently pulled out my old OpenBSD laptop and did a wipe and fresh install of 6.2 on it
Perhaps off-topic, but maybe you want to install 6.3 on the laptop instead?

Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
/etc/hostname.ath0 contains the following:
-chan -bssid -wpakey
nwid "arbol" media mode 11g
wpakey "(censored)"
I use an external urtwn(4) device. This is the entirety of my /etc/hostname.urtwn0:
nwid Puffy
wpakey istheOpenBSDmascot
(Sure, come over and steal my wifi, I don't mind.)
And this minimal configuration happily just works with one of those off-the-shelf travel wifi routers (this one, to be precise, though not an ad/endorsement of it). I would imagine if you need more than the minimal /etc/hostname.XXX, then you're either connecting to something that requires security/wpa_supplicant or you've otherwise heavily configured your wifi router.
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