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Originally Posted by e1-531g View Post
It's not a bug, it's a feature. Seriously, I would not like to use OS (desktop use-case) which would, by default, not let one program use files created by another program.
I feel the exact opposite. Programs I run as a user should only touch those files I explicitly give it permission to access. My PDF reader, my image viewer, my browser, my media player, my games and emulators, and my document formatter shouldn’t have the ability to scribble all over my ~ or upload my private files to a malware server just because I ran them under my userid.

I wish that on my desktop I had an operating system that prevents that. Alas, Unix is not yet up to the task (although you can approximate it a ton of manual work setting up extra users and aliases).
Many thanks to the forum regulars who put time and effort into helping others solve their problems.
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