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Default OpenBSD 5.0 tagged!

Mark Kettenis got the honors of checking this in:

Although orders are not being taken yet, OpenBSD regulars should be getting ready to order official CD sets.

To help generate CD sales, DaemonForums announces a contest to see who gets their official 5.0 set first! Registration into this unofficial contest will consist of a digitized picture of the 5.0 CD case proving receipt. Bonus points will be awarded to those who additionally show a picture of the 5.0 sticker set.

The winner will get bragging rights of being the first DaemonForums member to receive the official OpenBSD 5.0 CD set. The winning entry will be determined by the message timestamp.

In fact, this would be good .signature fodder! So skimp on that beer money. Take your spouse and/or girlfriend/boyfriend to dinner one less time. Start saving up for your order of the official OpenBSD 5.0 CD set today!

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