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Default Creating a flash player

I've seen a lot of threads about trying to get Flash working in the BSDs, and for me it's an annoyance also (using FreeBSD 7 - AMD64). And I know there are projects like Gnash and Swfdec, but how realistic is it to get a non-proprietary flash player? Using Gnash, or Swfdec, or Clive is close, but not quite there (for those who want to see flash seemlessly, anyway). But is it realistic to get any closer? I mean, Gnash's lead developer Rob Savoye seems like a pretty serious developer with a lot of free software experience. It seems like the problem is more of catching a moving target. What do others who've been around open source longer think about it?

I ask because it looks like the programming internship I was going to do for the fall semester may fall through, and I'm thinking of using the time instead to look at open source things (I wasn't looking forward too much to working with Java or VisualBasic.NET much anyway). Not that I expect to create a usable alternative Flash player, but that I'd like to mess around with it, including learning from code in Swfdec, Gnash, and others.
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