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Originally Posted by diw View Post
I guess this is one of the differences between that other O.S. and OpenBSD.

The information I was conveying is standard IP addressing knowledge supported by various RFC's. I don't know what other operating system you are referring to, but should not be an acceptable IP address in any environment.
Can you tell me what the purpose of reserving the x.x.x.0 address is?
It is not a question of x.x.x.0 by itself; it is a question of x.x.x.0 coupled with a subnet mask. There are subnets where x.x.x.0 may be completely legal to address a specific interface. The fundamental issue is where all host bits within an overall IP address are set to zero as this defines the subnet itself. It is common for routing tables to retain subnet addresses in this form in order to route packets. For more information, study RFC 1812:
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