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Nothing to look up... all you need to do, each time you want to upgrade -current, is:
  1. Check the Following -current FAQ, noting changes between your previous update and today.
  2. Upgrade to the most recent snapshot
  3. Run sysmerge(8)
  4. Make any manual changes necessary that were not covered by sysmerge -- this should be very rare.
I build from source, because I use a custom kernel, but upgrading snap-to-snap is less time consuming.

Whether you build from source, or use an upgrade cycle, reviewing the Following -current FAQ is mandatory prior to build or upgrade!

Subscribing to the source-changes mailing list is very helpful for -current users. This list gets an e-mail containing the CVS log entry for every patch made to the OS. You may find subscribing to the daily or weekly summary will be more convenient than getting an individual e-mail for every patch a developer commits.

Snap-to-snap use of -current is very popular.

NOTE: During key development cycles, the developers will create snapshots with uncommitted patches in them, in order to have these patches tested by a large population of users. So snapshots are sometimes "beyond" -current.
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