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Even though I haven't used OpenBSD in years, since I changed back to a FreeBSD shop in the last year, I check these forums daily. I still feel comfortable asking FreeBSD questions here--maybe even more so than on FreeBSD forums, since I've known most of the members here, through the Internet, for years.

All joking aside, and yes, J65nko, it was a bit amusing,, I think that generally speaking as sacerdos_daemonis said the majority of BSD users are experienced enough, by the time they get to seeking out forums, to realize what's going on, and even if they're not, this forum has always struck me as very nice to newcomers.

There's also the PCBSD forums, though I haven't seen, in a long time, PCBSD posts on these forums.

Plus, I have NO idea of OpenBSD politics, but would suspect that to change the name would involve getting permission from them, possibly being subject to their oversight, and other political issues that are easily avoided by leaving the name as is.

Of course, these days, I'm an infrequent poster here, but the results of J65nko's demonstrated search indicate that here is probably where OpenBSD newcomers would end up.

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