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Default Safe Backup

Hi, I've got a Pentium III, running OpenBSD 4.6 -Stable, its the firewall for my network at home, I also have a few programs running on it such as apache, vsftp and samba being the main ones.

I'd like to do a clone of the HDD every few weeks, but I'd like it to be automated, I can do this with a cronjob, my problem is as far as I'm aware, using DD to backup to another drive isn't all that safe when mounted? I'm hoping I'm wrong however I'd also like to if the main HDD does die, be able to swap the IDE cable over and boot straight off the second HDD I have in the computer and have backed up to.

My Question, is DD a safe way to backup when the HDD is mounted and the system is 'live' lets say? If not how would I go about doing the above in another way?


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