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I bought the ThinkStation 9 months ago, time for a little feedback...

The P700 is a very good PC, very silent and pleasant.
But it has two main troubles :
  • The wifi signal is not really good. My ThinkPad has a really better signal, even if they are one next to the other. But it's not an integrated chipset.
    At least, it works
  • The boot sequence is horribly long : about 30 seconds before disk boot !
    No kidding : about 15 seconds with a black screen and only the Lenovo logo, then 15 seconds with the BIOS message (kind of Wanna enter BIOS ? press Enter).
    First, I thought it was a BIOS or UEFI trouble or incorrect setup, but nope.
    After checking on the Lenovo forum, it seems to be a recurrent problem on the Px00 series : most of the P700, if not all, are impacted, but not only, the P500 and P900 also.
    And Lenovo searched but didn't find how-to fix that.

Annoying, but not crippling troubles.
But it sure helps to have a rock solid OS
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