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Well, unfortunately I didn't set this one up and they are using the public IP range for their internal LAN. Yeah, I don't know why either, but I guess it's certainly possible. At any rate, I'm thinking unless I use two pfsense boxes (which would be easy because they are on VMware ESXi) there would be no way to really separate the networks. Do you think using two routers would be better?

So, what you are saying is if I add the static route you mentioned, then the two networks should be able to talk to each other? I see you point though, it would kinda defeat the reason for doing it that way. What about two separate gateways? Is there a way to do that?

The reason I am using pfsense BTW is because I am working with a Windoze admin that can't get the command line, Lord knows I tried. I do like the traffic graphing and stuff although I know I could set up MRTG for that.

Thanks so much for the help. We have a huge demand for these gateway boxes right now and I want to stick with *BSD instead of something like untangle for the simplicity, and I like BSD way more than Linux. :-)

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